Mfg Operations Leadership

For any hardware product development controlling change is most crucial. At proof of concept stage it will cost you negligible compared to implementing a change at a mass production stage. We can solve this problem by coming on board part time to mentor and manage your teams. At a later stage when you have the budget we can help you hire a full time employee which will replace us.

How can we help?

Production Planning and Scheduling

Your quarterback can help design and implement effective production planning and scheduling processes.

This involves optimizing production schedules to meet customer demand, reduce lead times, minimize downtime, and optimize resource utilization.

Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement:

Your quarterback can introduce lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement methodologies to enhance efficiency and eliminate waste in manufacturing operations.

This may involve implementing 5S, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and other improvement techniques to drive productivity gains.

Performance Monitoring and KPIs

Your quarterback can work with the leadership team to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure operational performance.

Regular monitoring of these metrics allows for data-driven decision-making and the identification of areas that need improvement.

Quality Management

Your quarterback can assist in implementing robust quality management systems to ensure that products meet the required quality standards.

This may involve the establishment of quality control processes, inspection procedures, and corrective action protocols.

Health and Safety Compliance

Safety is a top priority in manufacturing operations.

Your quarterback can help establish and enforce safety protocols and compliance with relevant occupational health and safety regulations.

Training and Skill Development

Your quarterback can advise on training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of manufacturing personnel.

This includes providing training on new technologies, equipment operation, and best practices to improve workforce capabilities.

Supply Chain Coordination

Manufacturing operations leadership requires effective coordination with suppliers and other departments within the organization.

Your quarterback can help establish communication channels and collaboration frameworks to ensure a smooth flow of materials and information.

Equipment and Technology Integration

Your quarterback can assist in evaluating and integrating advanced manufacturing technologies and automation systems to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

Employee Engagement and Motivation

Your quarterback can work with the leadership team to develop strategies for employee engagement and motivation.

This involves creating a positive work environment, recognizing employee achievements, and fostering a culture of teamwork and accountability.

Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

Your quarterback can help the manufacturing leadership team develop contingency plans and crisis management protocols to handle unexpected disruptions, such as supply chain interruptions or natural disasters.

Case Studies

“Discover how Quarterback Engineering has helped businesses like yours bring their hardware consumer products to life. Read our client success stories and testimonials.” Let our past projects do the talking.

  • Zimplistic Inventions

    Managed design, quality & manufacturing team to restart mass production of their flagship product Rotimatic to deliver a revenue of 20 Million USD in a year. Demonstrated a 30% cost reduction upon establishing a Manufacturing and Procurement Department.

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