Contract Manufacturing Management

Finding reliable and efficient manufacturers cannot be left to chance. We have built strong relationships with manufacturers in the region that can bring your hardware dreams into a reality. With diversified manufacturing sources, we help you protect your intellectual property while finding the right people and machines for the job.

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CM Selection and Qualification

The first step in contract manufacturing management is selecting the right contract manufacturer.

Your quarterback can assist in identifying potential partners, conducting supplier audits, assessing their capabilities and capacities, reviewing their track records, and ensuring we align with your company’s quality and production requirements.

This process is very complex and involves a lot of experience and expertise:

  • Contract Manufacturer Introduction
  • Audit
  • Quotation
  • Selection
  • Contracts
    • MSA
    • Supplier Quality 
  • Kick-Off
  • Line Setup
  • Line Qualification
  • Ramp Up
  • Mass Production 
  • Escalations Management
  • Re-Negotiations
Contract Negotiation and Agreements

Your quarterback can support your company during the contract negotiation phase.

This involves defining the terms of the manufacturing agreement, including pricing, delivery schedules, quality control standards, intellectual property rights, liability, and other critical aspects to protect both parties interests.

Design Transfer and Documentation

Your quarterback can facilitate the smooth transfer of the product design and associated documentation to the contract manufacturer.

This includes providing detailed design specifications, assembly instructions, bill of materials (BOM), and any other necessary technical information to ensure accurate and consistent production.

Quality Assurance and Control

Your quarterback plays a crucial role in establishing robust quality assurance and control processes with the contract manufacturer.

This includes defining quality standards, inspection procedures, testing protocols, and traceability measures to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications and complies with relevant regulations.

Production Oversight

Contract manufacturing management involves continuous oversight of the production process to ensure adherence to agreed-upon timelines, quality benchmarks, and cost efficiency.

Your quarterback may conduct periodic site visits, audits, and performance evaluations to monitor progress and address any issues promptly.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Your quarterback can assist in optimizing the supply chain and inventory management with the contract manufacturer.

This includes coordinating material procurement, managing stock levels, and implementing Just-In-Time (JIT) practices to minimize inventory holding costs.

Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication between the design company and the contract manufacturer is essential.

Your quarterback can help establish clear channels of communication, facilitate regular meetings, and ensure that both parties are aligned on project objectives and expectations.

Issue Resolution and Continuous Improvement

Inevitably, challenges may arise during the manufacturing process.

Your quarterback can help resolve issues promptly and effectively.

We can also encourage a culture of continuous improvement, working with the contract manufacturer to identify opportunities for enhancing efficiency and product quality.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting the design company’s intellectual property is critical when working with external manufacturers.

Your quarterback can advise on implementing proper safeguards, confidentiality agreements, and measures to prevent unauthorized use or replication of proprietary information.

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